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Here are some of the amazing things our parents have had to say about Hopscotch since we reopened our nurseries at the start of June.

Our three-year old son was offered a key-worker place at Hopscotch Preston Park during lockdown and settled in well, despite the general disruption in everyone’s lives at that time. Hopscotch helped keep things as normal as possible for all of us, and we soon noticed his confidence growing as well as a range of other skills developing. When lockdown ended, we were so impressed with his development that we decided to keep him at Hopscotch and transferred him to Hove Station as this was more convenient for my husband’s work.

Again, he adapted well to the change, thanks to the experienced staff and their ability to make him feel safe, cared for and listened to. Our son has continued to flourish at Hopscotch – becoming more independent, and showing a range of new social skills and self-care skills, making things like going to the toilet, eating and learning at home so much smoother and easier.

It is a real joy to see him grow and become more independent, and Hopscotch feels like a huge part of that, thanks to the wonderful staff and the company ethos. It is much more than a nursery; it is a place where children become little people.

I wanted to share my thoughts on my son’s return to Hopscotch Hove Station following lockdown. I was in two minds about sending my son back to nursery as I wasn’t sure what the best thing to do was, I wanted to keep him safe in our bubble however was concerned he was missing out on the emotional, social and mental stimulation he would get from nursery and being with his friends. I spoke to the Nursery Manager before he returned and I was provided with detail on the steps put in place and what it would feel like for my son. There was no pressure and only guidance and reassurance provided. I made the decision for my son to return and I have to say it was the best decision I could have made, he is so happy, enjoying himself and bursting with confidence since being back – what else could a parent want.

My son has been at Hopscotch Hove Station since he was 9 months old and is due to start school in September, I’m so glad that he will be able to finish his time at nursery with his friends and teachers who have been integral to his early years development before he starts his next chapter. Thank you all for keeping him safe and during these uncertain times.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how impressed I’ve been with the team at Nizells. My daughter started at the beginning of June and I was extremely nervous given the current climate and also that I was unable to do the usual settling in sessions.

Vanessa and Louise made it possible for me to bring my daughter along for one morning before she started and sit with her outside in the playground. It was great that the team could show me a little bit of normality.

Since then, she has come on leaps and bounds! She actively enjoys being dropped off for the day and you can tell how much the team such as B, Louise and Hazel enjoy their jobs, the children clearly adore them.

I also love getting daily updates via Tapestry to find out what she’s up to.

Just a note to say thanks and I appreciate the care that you have been providing my daughter.

It hardly took any time at all for the children to adjust to the new setting. The staff were so welcoming!

We were so pleased with the transition back to Nizells after lockdown. When we arrived, there was bunting strung up and rainbow tape on the floor to help with social distancing. My daughter was nervous on the journey to nursery but when we got there she said ‘it looks like there is a party!’ and skipped in.

The children were so happy to be back and chatted so positively about it all the way home – it was like they had never left!

I was so anxious about sending our daughter back after these very strange times, but you really have been amazing with what you are doing for them. She is literally having the best time with you all and her friends. I hear a lot about them is very cute, it feels me with so much joy thank you so much for all you do. All of you they are very lucky indeed and makes going back to work that much easier. Thank you X

Thank you for all that you are doing, he has loved being back at nursery and hasn’t been at all worried about the new normal, your updates have been great and I feel I know what she’s getting up to so thank you to all the team for a really great few weeks post lockdown!

You all do a fantastic job looking after our children in these trying times making sure they learn, have fun and develop in their own way. She loves being back at nursery and I can already see after a few short weeks how much she is coming along with her development. Thank you for all you do. 🥰

Thanks so much for giving our two children a wonderful first day back. They literally ran in without a backward glance. This is absolute testimony to what a brilliant team of professionals you all are. We feel so lucky that our children are cared for and educated by your team.

They were so happy when they got home, telling us all about their day. We appreciate how much hard work must have gone into making it all run so smoothly. So thank you once again.

We have missed you all over the past ten weeks and we are so glad to be back!

Please pass on our appreciation to all the fantastic staff.

Returning to nursery post-lockdown has been incredibly smooth for our family, and it’s all down to the hard work of the Hopscotch team. The communication we had was first-class, we were informed and consulted regularly, at a time when things were changing daily. This was not only impressive, but enormously reassuring.

Our daughter was thrilled to return to preschool – she sprinted down the road and into the garden. She didn’t look back! My youngest, who turned one during lockdown and was due to start, has completed her settling sessions and is enjoying her time in the baby room very much. Both children are so settled, it’s almost as if nothing has happened, they love the environment and have coped with the changed because it has been handled so well by the staff.

With so much uncertainty in many other aspects of life currently, knowing that both girls have gone back into such a wonderful, warm, safe environment has been so comforting.

Our son has loved his time at Hopscotch, thank you so much for all you do to ensure the children are learning and have fun every day. We missed you so much during the lockdown and were really impressed with the way you re opened. You kept us informed and were really professional every step of the way.

After having three children going to Hopscotch over the years I have never had one complaint. So thank you again, I would always recommend you!

We feel so lucky that our daughter was able to attend nursery during lockdown and continue as the lockdown has been eased.

Of course, at first we had the same discussions and debates that I am sure have been had in almost every house with young children up and down the country…’is it safe to send her’, ‘will the staff be in PPE’, ‘how will she cope with staff wearing masks’, ‘how will they ever socially distance in a nursery’. Every one of these questions was anticipated and answered by the wonderful staff at Hopscotch.

It took only one or two sessions for her to settle into the ‘new norm’. After we explained that the nursery staff were wearing masks as ‘fancy dress doctors’ she did not bat an eyelid.

The use of ‘social bubbles’ and remaining with one key worker if anything has been a good thing for her. She has made wonderful friendships with the children in her ‘bubble’, has a great bond with her key worker and talks about them all the time when she gets home. Her speech and language development has continued at a crazy speed and more importantly she continues to have such fun every day that she attends.

The nursery has been and continues to be wonderful. The response has been completely professional and totally appropriate. We are so grateful that at this time of heightened stress and anxiety it has been clear the nursery focus continues be on the health and happiness of the children.

It’s so lovely to see her, quite literally skip into nursery. To the team at Hopscotch: we cannot thank you enough.

I just wanted to say thank you for the way you have handled the current situation. Your communication has been really clear and informative throughout the process and particularly when my daughter when back to nursery. She was a little nervous on the first day but has adjusted back so quickly and loves going to nursery again. She just skips in and tells me all about playing with her “friends” which are often the names of the members of staff!

I want to congratulate you and your team on the amazing work you have all put in to make this challenging time easy for the children. I did have anxiety about them coming back but the professionalism of the staff has been outstanding, I don’t underestimate how hard it must be to reduce risks etc and I can see the extent you as a team have gone too.

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