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Age Groups

At Hopscotch Nurseries, we are mindful that all children are unique and believe that offering childcare in small groups is of utmost importance to ensure that each child and parent’s individual needs are surpassed.

We carefully review each child on a bi-weekly basis to determine the best course of action for your child’s development. Children therefore join the next group based on their progress and not their birthday.

While some children take longer to settle into the idea of moving, there are those who are ready to move earlier. Your child will be settled into the appropriate room and our staff team will ensure that they are safe, happy and their day is full of fun activities to promote learning.

We are therefore proud to offer four different age groups and rooms:

Babies – Blue Group 

Age Range – Approximately 0-14 months

Nurseries for babies

Older Babies – Yellow Group

Age Range – Approximately 14-24 months

Older babies

Toddlers – Green Group

Age Range – Approximately 24-36 months


Pre-school – Red Group

Age Range – Approximately 36+ months


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