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Count the Kicks

Posted on by Hopscotch Staff

“Count the Kicks” is a charity aimed at educating mums-to-be on the importance of monitoring baby movements and to seek medical advice when a change to normal patter occurs. A baby’s movement indicates its well-being and by understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby.

Have a look at either www.countthekicks.org.uk or their Facebook pageswww.facebook.com/ukcountthekicks,www.facebook.com/ctkrecycling

Our Seaford Nursery are collecting the following items which can be recycled to help this worthy cause; please put them in the box on the table in the entrance hall.

Empty Baby Wipe Packets: These can be any brand and packets with the hard plastic opening are perfectly fine.

Empty Baby Food Pouches & Ella’s Kitchen wrapper: These can be any brand and the lids can be left on; it must be a baby food pouch and not pet food or yoghurt.

Biscuit Wrappers: These can be any brand of sweet biscuit, not savoury. Individual wrappers (like penguins) and outer packaging (like bourbons) are both great. Please note that it must be something that contains biscuits, we can’t accept things like Mars bars.

Tassimo Pods: Any pods are great, including the milk pods, and they don’t need to be cleaned. The outer packaging can also be collected.

Used Printer Ink Cartridges: The vast majority of cartridges are accepted, including Brother and Canon.

Used Stamps

Washing up liquid lids & home cleaning trigger lids (eg Anti-bacterial lids)

Empty Household wipe packets

For every 1250 packets, 1250 leaflets can be printed which could save up to 3 babies lives.

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Book a visit

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