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Admissions Policy

Hopscotch Children’s Nurseries are registered as providers of childcare on non-domestic premises on the Early Years Register. Hopscotch complies with the requirements for the Early Years Register set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. All Hopscotch places are subject to availability, taking into account staff/child ratios, the age of the child and space requirements.

At Hopscotch we operate an inclusion policy and all children regardless of nationality, religion, culture, race, gender, physical ability or disability, health or social class are welcome. Other matters which are taken into consideration when offering a place in the nursery are:

  1. When the application was received and deposit paid to secure the place.
  2. Our ability to provide the facilities for the welfare of the child carrying out all reasonable adjustments as explained in our SEND and Equalities Act Policies.
  3. However, Hopscotch retains the right to refuse admission to any child or family whose individual or familial circumstances may impact upon the ability of Hopscotch to meet its duty of care to other children in its settings or the ability of Hopscotch to fully safeguard all children and staff within its settings.

Admissions regarding EYFE/EYEE (Early Years Funding Entitlement)

  1. Priority is given to children taking up full-time places or additional hours
  2. We offer places to children in receipt of EYFE/EYEE only with no further charge for which no deposit is required. These places are subject to availability and terms and conditions.

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