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Exercise and Healthy Eating


Physical activity and exercise is an important and essential part of the day at Hopscotch.

Hopscotch promotes physical activity as this benefits the children’s health. Research has found this also benefits children’s sleep, and emotional and physical challenges. Children who have higher physical activity levels were also found to have better concentration skills and perform better academically.

To support this – staff and children take part in ‘mile a day’ activities encouraging 20-30 minutes of exercise in our outdoor areas.

Our nurseries are equipped with areas both inside and out for children to exercise. From fantastic outdoor spaces with climbing frames, slides, bikes, climbing walls and natural areas for digging/planting; to whole rooms dedicated for softplay. We have trips to the local park, the farm, the beach and encourage music and movement, yoga and dance in the nurseries for the children to express themselves.

Healthy Eating

Hopscotch offers all children a healthy breakfast of cereal and organic milk each morning, and a selection of fruit, savoury snacks and organic milk during the day. Hopscotch supplies Tommee Tippee bottles and Aptamil formula milk for babies.

Parents can choose to provide their own packed lunch so they can decide what their child eats each day, catering for their individual and dietary needs. A typical nutritious lunch could be a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt and cereal bar, or we will warm your own home-cooked meals, soup or a tin/pre-prepared meal.

Hopscotch Nurseries provide the option of a Little Tums Hot Lunch and/or Hot Tea at an extra cost of £3.98 per meal.  They can cater for various dietary requirements such as vegetarian, dairy free, sugar free etc.

We have a no nuts/products containing nuts policy at all of our nurseries. Hopscotch staff will at all times do their utmost to care for children with medical conditions or allergies, however Hopscotch cannot take responsibility for any illness resulting from circumstances beyond it’s control.  Please see your Nursery Manager to discuss any allergies your child may have.

Food Tasting and Cooking Activities

The children have the opportunity at Hopscotch to experience different foods from around the world in our food tasting sessions. This broadens the children’s knowledge and is an opportunity to try something new and learn about its origins. We also have various cooking activities for the children, from making cakes to creating their own smoothies, always a favourite!

Healthy Choice, Healthy Eating and Children’s Food Trust Awards

We are delighted that all of our Brighton and Hove nurseries have been awarded the Healthy Choice Award by Brighton and Hove City Council. This helps us to ensure all foods provided by the nurseries, both from Little Tums and our own breakfast and snacks, are nutritionally well balanced. It also provides us with lots of information to share with our parents on Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Health and Wellbeing. Lots of new ideas came from participating in these awards, such as implementing a rolling snack menu, creating a ‘yoga pose’ book for the older children and introducing our ‘show and tell’ home box. Thus ensuring a healthy start for the children in our care.

We are proud our Seaford and Peacehaven nurseries have the  national ‘Outstanding Food Award’ for quality and commitment to children’s food and nutrition as part of the Healthy Active Little Ones (HALO) – East Sussex programme, funded by East Sussex County Council Public Health.  The Children’s Food Trust is on a mission to get every child eating well and believe that when children eat better they do better. We share that belief. So we are making sure the food we provide at Hopscotch gives children the energy and nutrition they need to fulfil their potential.

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