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Free Peripatetic Lessons & Resources

Hopscotch Children’s Nurseries offer a range of free peripatetic lessons. Please ask your manager for more details about which classes run at your nursery.


Many parents wonder why introducing another language so early is beneficial to children. It has been said that learning more that one language is easy – if you do it before you are seven years old. Up to that age, the language areas of the brain can change depending on the speech you hear. Later, the brain areas are ‘wired-up’ and learning another language is much harder. Studies have shown that teaching a foreign language at an early age not only helps children to learn languages at school but also helps them with mathematics, the sciences, music and generally builds cognitive skills


We are very excited to welcome peripatetic music teacher Richard Taylor from Harp Academy to Hopscotch. Richard is providing regular harmonica lessons to our children.

Why the Harmonica?

Fun –  Lessons include key skill learning, musical games, group activities and repertoire drawn from a variety of child-friendly sources.   Inclusive – The harmonica is accessible for boys and girls alike.  It supports confidence, articulation, motor skills, vision and hearing and it’s accessible for children with special educational needs.

Educational value of music – Music making, including playing the harmonica, draws together science, maths, foreign languages, physical education and art. It requires team work, social skills and expresses emotion.

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