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Preston Park Team Building Day

Posted on by Hopscotch Staff

Our team building day was at Blackland’s Farm nr East Grinstead.

The first activity was the ‘crate challenge’, where our trust in our team was put to the test. We harnessed up, put on hard hats and prepared to climb a tower of crates with only a partner to hold onto, whilst the rest of our team mates either stacked the tower higher and higher or held onto our safety ropes! Although working as a team our competitiveness shone through trying to climb higher than the pair before.  Jade and Serena climbed highest before losing balance on the wobbly tower and falling down, trusting our team to lower us safely to the ground.

Next up were a variety of short exercises; the aim was not to drop the golf ball through a series of tubes and drain pipes which we had to connect to get it to the other end of the field, but sometimes it was just too fast and we couldn’t connect the tubes quick enough!

Lastly was the abseiling tower. The majority of us were a little bit scared and despite some initial fear of heights, the team supported everyone to have a go! Lizzy excelled whilst Jade struggled to get the hang of it and like the last team building day, blamed it on her shoes! We enjoyed the first turn so much we all did it again and even ended up doing funny games as we were coming down the tower including 360 degree turns and balancing shoes on our heads!

A good day was had by all.  Esra received the ‘enthusiasm of the day’ award and the’ bravery’ award went to Emma and Rebecca for facing their fear of heights. We are looking forward to next year and thinking of new ideas already!

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