Healthy and Nutritious Food

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Food for Thought

We firmly believe that what children are fed will have an impact on their general health and well-being for the rest of their life. It’s so important to introduce healthy eating choices from a young age and we know we play a major part in achieving this.

That’s why we offer all children a healthy breakfast of cereal and organic milk each morning, and a diverse selection of fruit, savoury items and organic milk throughout the day. We supply Tommee Tippee bottles and Aptamil formula milk for babies free of charge for our babies.

Packed Lunches

We understand that in the current economic climate every penny counts. And so that is why we continue to offer parents the option of bringing in their own packed lunches for their children. Parents can choose decide what their child eats each day, catering for their individual and dietary needs. This is a rarity amongst many early years providers and shows our willingness to be flexible to support our families.

A typical nutritious lunch could be a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt and cereal bar, or we will warm your own home-cooked meals, soup or a tin/pre-prepared meal.

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Catered Lunches and Teas

We partner with local children’s catering specialist Little Tums who produce hot lunches and teas for our children every day. Their meals are made from scratch and they actively avoid Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs) in their ingredients. To cater to different dietary requirements Little Tums are able to offer standard, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, no pork and no beef meal options. Meals cost £3.98 per hot meal. If you would like to sign up for Little Tums meals please speak to your Nursery Manager.

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Food is Fun

Hopscotch children also have the opportunity to experience different foods from around the world in our food tasting sessions. This broadens the children’s knowledge of how important food is to different cultures and traditions and is an opportunity to learn about where certain ingredients come from. We also organise various cooking activities for the children, from making cakes to creating their own smoothies. Sometimes we even have professional cooks, chefs or bakers come in to see the children and inspire their culinary minds!

Our Food Weighing

Allergy Management

We understand and appreciate the risk allergies can present to the happiness and wellbeing of our children and their families. To keep everyone safe we have a no nuts policy in place across all Hopscotch nurseries. In addition, we have developed a rigorous and comprehensive Food Safety Management System in conjunction with a well-respected food safety expert. Relevant staff also undergo specialist food safety training. We encourage you to discuss any allergies your child might have with the Nursery Management Team who will ensure appropriate measures are in place to keep them safe whilst at Hopscotch.

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