Hopscotch Explorers

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Nature is Nurture

Learning outside promotes a healthy and active lifestyles by offering children more physical opportunities, freedom and movement and additionally promotes a strong sense of contentment and well-being.

That's why we have developed the Hopscotch Explorers outside learning curriculum - our programme encourages and enables children to be out and about all year round!

The Outdoor Classroom

The Hopscotch Explorers curriculum gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in natural parts of their local communities such as beaches or woodland areas but does so with purpose and intent. We encourage reflection from those taking part which helps refine and improve as we develop our activities, ensuring no trip is the same as before.

Hopscotch Explorers beach school Brighton Beach

Come Rain or Shine!

As part of the programme, a group of preschool children visit the beach (summer) or woodland area (winter) once a week to explore their surroundings, take part in natural world focused activities, experiment with different natural materials and investigate seasonal changes.

Hopscotch explorers beach and forest school painting

One with Nature

This will provide frequent contact with the natural world and experiences that are unique to the outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons. In turn, this supports our broader nursery ethos objective to promote awe and wonder in the natural world. It also helps children understand and respect nature, its intrinsic value and the importance of protecting it.

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Hopscotch Explorers by a Hopscotch Explorer

The programme has been developed by Jordan who is the Early Years Curriculum Lead at Hopscotch Seven Dials along with input from our Nursery Managers and other team members who have expertise and passion about early years care in outdoors spaces.

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