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Settling in at Hopscotch

We understand that starting your child at nursery might be an emotional time. Hopscotch has thirty five years of experience helping children start their educational journeys and we are here to help you and your child settle into nursery life smoothly from day one.

We work closely with our parents to ensure that there is a strong relationship from the outset. Our aim is to ensure that your child enjoys every day at Hopscotch and to ensure you are happy, reassured and confident when leaving your children in our care.

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What to expect

At your settling-in sessions we will find out about you and your child and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. At the first settling-in session you and your child will meet with either your Key Person who will be your main point of contact at nursery, or a qualified and experienced member of staff from your child's group. This is the opportunity for us to learn about your child’s needs and preferences, to help us ensure they receive the best possible care at Hopscotch. One of our experienced Management Team will also say hello and welcome you to Hopscotch.

You can have as many free settling-in sessions as you need although generally we find that two or three are enough for everyone to be reassured and happy to start nursery.

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What to bring on their first day

A favourite toy

Packed lunch

Family photo

Water bottle

Outdoor clothes


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