Nursery for Babies

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Inside Hopscotch Nursery - Child led play
baby reading

Life in the Blue Room - Ages 0-14 Months

Our baby room staff are specially trained to ensure your child’s start at nursery goes as smoothly as possible and their every need is catered for. We are led by home routines and our babies are cared for in softly furnished and warm cosy rooms which are appropriately resourced for this age group. A Key Person is assigned to every child to ensure their ongoing well-being and support, which is hugely important for their start at nursery.

A Typical Day In Ihe Blue Room
8am - 8.30am Welcome to the Blue Group! Breakfast and hello songs.
8.30am - 9.30am Explore our small world play, treasure baskets and book corner
9.30am - 10.15am Enjoy a nutritious snack, drink or bottle of milk.
10.30am - 11:30am Exploring exciting sensory play experiences - usually in the garden!
11:30am - 12pm Group time with stories and songs to help develop bonds.
12pm - 1pm Lunchtime and a chance for a snooze!
1pm - 2pm Most babies are sleeping but those that aren’t are doing 1:1 or small group activities
2pm - 3pm Exercise time - either in the soft play area or garden
3pm - 3:30pm Healthy and nutritious snack or tea
3pm - 3.30pm Music and movement
3.30pm - 4.30pm Calm story time or yoga to help with focus and attention
4.30pm - 5.30pm Another snack stop and music time!
5 - 5:30pm Home time!

Baby Room Puzzles

Calm and Cosy Rooms

Equipment and toys are chosen to help babies explore and develop their senses and stimulate their vision, hearing, smell and touch and help them begin to move and develop their coordination. They explore with paint, sand and water and other textures and materials for sensory adventures. We incorporate music and light and touch into our activities in this room.

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Exercise and Physical Development

The first months of a child’s life are some of the most important for physical development and it is during this time we see those amazing milestones like crawling and walking arrive. We are experienced in helping children develop physically and we use a range of resources like Community Playthings Up and Over climbing frames, designed and built especially for babies. Babies have regular trips to our soft play areas which allows them time for safe exploration. Babies are also taken on regular walks to natural areas like parks or the beach in our 4 or 6 seater buggies to ensure lots of fresh air, which helps with rest and sleep.

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