Hopscotch Explorers

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Hopscotch Explorers!

Hopscotch Explorers is our very own Beach and Forest School initiative. Across all our nurseries we will be taking our pre-school children on weekly trips, to discover the nature that is right on our doorsteps, in East and West Sussex.

Learning outside promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Offering children the freedom to be ouside promotes a strong sense of contentment and well-being. That's why we have developed Hopscotch Explorers - our programme encourages and enables children to be out and about all year round!

The programme has been developed by Jordan, who is the Early Years Curriculum Lead at Hopscotch Seven Dials. Input from our Nursery Managers and other team members was also invaluable as they are incredibly passionate about early years care in outdoors spaces.

On one of our first trips, the Hopscotch Explorers went to Hove beach. After the children walked there, they played phonics games using shells and did some painting on rocks. The highlight of the session for the children (and adults!) was taking turns to fly a kite and getting to chase after it along the beach.

We are really looking forward to sharing what our Explorers get up to next!

For more details on Hopscotch Explorers visit our website page. 

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Hopscotch Explorers Beach and Forest School
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